Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The road to Hana

The road to Hana is a trip that everyone stated we should take. We bought a CD with a man named Craig who told us where and when we should stop.

This windy road trip was absolutely amazing. We saw and experienced some amazing things. Here are just some of the things that stand out.... A wonderful waterfall that we decided to swim in the pool at the bottom. Probably the most exciting part of the day for me. It took us a little time to build up our courage to go in. Bernie was the first brave soul. Lying under the water fall and watching it fall into the pool was amazing.

Here we are enjoying the fresh water.

Our first stop was watching the surfers on an amazing beach with huge waves. One of the signs stated, "If you are feeling unsure about surfing here, you shouldn't".

One of the many bridges we travelled over on our trip to Hana

Huge Bamboo groves

We saw several water falls

The black sand beach

Some of the lava tube caves

Don't you love all the warnings and we still went swimming. So different than other locations we have travelled at, probably just as dangerous but no warnings to let us know what we are getting in to.

The black sand beach we stopped at.

The Ocean view off of the Haleakala park. The 7 pools that represent the 7 sacred virtues that lead you to heaven

Our walk to see the Rainbow Eucalyptus trees

On the way to the tree we saw 2 cars that left the road to Hana and joined the forest landscape.

These trees were straight and tall. I have no idea how high they grow but they looked like they were reaching to heaven

Their trunks look like someone was let loose with Crayola markers. The bark was smooth and colourful.

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  1. awesome photos, Heather!!! Love the "crayola" trees. My kids would love those.
    Have a wonderful last few days on the island everyone!!! We miss you and look forward to seeing you soon.