Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 2 Maui

Today we decided to go to the above mentioned bay to snorkel. We had to hike in to this beautiful site.
My wonderful husband helped me with my flippers. My frozen shoulder makes taking them off an every increasing challenge. But I still got to snorkel.

We walked in to the ocean on lava rocks. Within 12 feet from the shore the water is clear and you can see down 3o feet. Wonderful fish and coral.

The only wild animals we saw in the bushes and shore were roosters and chickens. Walking through the forest you often hear the crow of roosters in the beautiful lush forests.

Our walk to the shore from the highway. The most lush and wonderful forest. Trees that reach to the sky and chickens running around the forest floor.

Chris coming out of the water after a wonderful snorkel

We also walked through down town Lahaina. There is a Banyon tree that reaches a city block that was planted in the late 1800's

Walking down the beach in the down town area.

Our supper on the patio overlooking the ocean. Bern and Ted thought you might like the shot of their favourite beverages.

Laela and I thought you might enjoy the photo of our drink of the evening.

The 6 of us on the shore. I think I might have got this on the wrong day, but really it doesn't matter. We are enjoying our adventures on Maui.

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  1. Loving your pictures. Makes me want to be there. Hope it's as much fun as the pictures show. Although it was 6 today, the beach looks fantastic, I wish!