Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another day in Maui

It is getting harder to find time every day to blog. There is so much to do and see. From now on the blogs will not be in sequence. Just different things we have done. Today's blog will be of "stuff we do when we have a down day".

Ted reading on the shore

Heather & Bern enjoying the pool (big smile)

A good drink and a great book

Going for walks and trying to do interesting things like trying to trigger the automatic care gate. Fred and Chris catching some sun.

Oh the technology we love!

Laela is showing us all how it's done!
Enjoying the sunset and playing with our camera settings.

Barbecuing on the deck

Other things we do are: Walking around town, slide shows of the last days photo's, exploring the water on the beach in front of our condo, driving to the many different beaches north and south of our location. All in all so much to do.....

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