Friday, February 10, 2012

Haleakala Summit

On Sunday Morning Fred & Chris and Bernie & I decided to head to the highest height on Maui. We woke up really early (4:30 am) and headed to the mountain with the goal to see the sun rise. We took one wrong turn and almost ended up missing the sun rise.

But we did make it. Up to the top of the mountain it was cold (the reason Laela didn't want to join us on the journey). One lady told us is was 20 degree F. with the windchill. My shorts were a poor choice. I was so cold my ears, fingers and legs were numb.

We weren't the only ones up early
The moon scape of this volcanic mountain.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The road to Hana

The road to Hana is a trip that everyone stated we should take. We bought a CD with a man named Craig who told us where and when we should stop.

This windy road trip was absolutely amazing. We saw and experienced some amazing things. Here are just some of the things that stand out.... A wonderful waterfall that we decided to swim in the pool at the bottom. Probably the most exciting part of the day for me. It took us a little time to build up our courage to go in. Bernie was the first brave soul. Lying under the water fall and watching it fall into the pool was amazing.

Here we are enjoying the fresh water.

Our first stop was watching the surfers on an amazing beach with huge waves. One of the signs stated, "If you are feeling unsure about surfing here, you shouldn't".

One of the many bridges we travelled over on our trip to Hana

Huge Bamboo groves

We saw several water falls

The black sand beach

Some of the lava tube caves

Don't you love all the warnings and we still went swimming. So different than other locations we have travelled at, probably just as dangerous but no warnings to let us know what we are getting in to.

The black sand beach we stopped at.

The Ocean view off of the Haleakala park. The 7 pools that represent the 7 sacred virtues that lead you to heaven

Our walk to see the Rainbow Eucalyptus trees

On the way to the tree we saw 2 cars that left the road to Hana and joined the forest landscape.

These trees were straight and tall. I have no idea how high they grow but they looked like they were reaching to heaven

Their trunks look like someone was let loose with Crayola markers. The bark was smooth and colourful.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another day in Maui

It is getting harder to find time every day to blog. There is so much to do and see. From now on the blogs will not be in sequence. Just different things we have done. Today's blog will be of "stuff we do when we have a down day".

Ted reading on the shore

Heather & Bern enjoying the pool (big smile)

A good drink and a great book

Going for walks and trying to do interesting things like trying to trigger the automatic care gate. Fred and Chris catching some sun.

Oh the technology we love!

Laela is showing us all how it's done!
Enjoying the sunset and playing with our camera settings.

Barbecuing on the deck

Other things we do are: Walking around town, slide shows of the last days photo's, exploring the water on the beach in front of our condo, driving to the many different beaches north and south of our location. All in all so much to do.....

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 2 Maui

Today we decided to go to the above mentioned bay to snorkel. We had to hike in to this beautiful site.
My wonderful husband helped me with my flippers. My frozen shoulder makes taking them off an every increasing challenge. But I still got to snorkel.

We walked in to the ocean on lava rocks. Within 12 feet from the shore the water is clear and you can see down 3o feet. Wonderful fish and coral.

The only wild animals we saw in the bushes and shore were roosters and chickens. Walking through the forest you often hear the crow of roosters in the beautiful lush forests.

Our walk to the shore from the highway. The most lush and wonderful forest. Trees that reach to the sky and chickens running around the forest floor.

Chris coming out of the water after a wonderful snorkel

We also walked through down town Lahaina. There is a Banyon tree that reaches a city block that was planted in the late 1800's

Walking down the beach in the down town area.

Our supper on the patio overlooking the ocean. Bern and Ted thought you might like the shot of their favourite beverages.

Laela and I thought you might enjoy the photo of our drink of the evening.

The 6 of us on the shore. I think I might have got this on the wrong day, but really it doesn't matter. We are enjoying our adventures on Maui.

Day 1 on Maui

The sunset off our balcony over the neighbouring island Lanai. Enjoying our hot tub prior to being kicked out. Apparently it closes at 9 pm. We are staying in the condo of never ending rules that are enforced.

Bern enjoying the interior of a shark at snorkel Bob's.

This is our condo entry. We are on the top floor.

Talking with our hands.... I love to hear whole body stories!

Ted and Laela in front of our condo. Taken from the calm waters in front of our condo. The beach we are on is called "baby beach". We thought that meant that it was a calm beach, but in actual fact the last 3 mornings there has been a group of moms and tots playing in the water in front of us. So many babies and pregnant bellies, but none of them are ours and right now this is good!

Oh the beautiful toes. A below the water shot of our pedicures which are starting to be a little worse for the wear.

walking our beach.

Fred and Chris enjoying the water, the view and each other. We are truly blessed!

Ted and Laela's bedroom. We drew lots for the different bedrooms.