Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 1 on Maui

The sunset off our balcony over the neighbouring island Lanai. Enjoying our hot tub prior to being kicked out. Apparently it closes at 9 pm. We are staying in the condo of never ending rules that are enforced.

Bern enjoying the interior of a shark at snorkel Bob's.

This is our condo entry. We are on the top floor.

Talking with our hands.... I love to hear whole body stories!

Ted and Laela in front of our condo. Taken from the calm waters in front of our condo. The beach we are on is called "baby beach". We thought that meant that it was a calm beach, but in actual fact the last 3 mornings there has been a group of moms and tots playing in the water in front of us. So many babies and pregnant bellies, but none of them are ours and right now this is good!

Oh the beautiful toes. A below the water shot of our pedicures which are starting to be a little worse for the wear.

walking our beach.

Fred and Chris enjoying the water, the view and each other. We are truly blessed!

Ted and Laela's bedroom. We drew lots for the different bedrooms.

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