Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hawaii 2012 - January 25

Landing at KOA on Big Island Hawaii is an amazing treat. We are vacationing with Ted & Laela and in about 6 days Fred and Chris are joining us in Maui. Oh what fun we will have together!

Nothing can compare with landing in the warm humidity from the contrast of our dry cold (even though our winter has been unusally mild). I still feel instant happiness as I step off the plane and fee the sun on my Lilly white skin.

Ted & Laela joined us after we were here for a few hours. We were so excited to see them and show them our home away from home. I think in this picture Laela's eyes are closed, I missed the picture with them open. They had been up since 4 am MB time and now it is 9 pm MB time. Maybe she is just catching a quick nap before supper.

Our home away from home. A beautiful condo in the Mauna Lani Fairways North of Kona

We love to touch the ocean for the first time on each trip. The ocean always seems to be calling us to come back. The clear azure water is breath taking. Not quite as warm as Costa Rica water.

Check out this beach. It is made up of broken coral and lava rocks. The colours are in such contrast! I think I will call this our dalmation beach

Our first walk on the beach. We saw some surfers, some amazing coral and Lava and a whale. Too far away to tell what kind of whale, but definitely a whale.

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