Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 6 Big Island

Mauna Lani is where our condo is and where the wonderful snorkeling beach is.I love the leaves on the trees in the parking lot where we snorkel

Snorkeling beach, doesn't it call to you?

Don't you love to see Ted & Laela us a paddle board. Notice how much effort Ted is putting into the project. Nice hat on Laela.

(just kidding, these are just 2 people we don't know, we thought the guy had a wonderful life)

Laela getting ready to explore.... look at the lovely form.

Getting ready to snorkel.... Don't you love the masks on these three?

Ted & Heather exploring the deep. We saw so many fish....

Another snorkeling beach picture

In the afternoon we headed to Hapuna Beach state Park to enjoy some beautiful white sand and boogie board waves. Unfortunately the sun disappeared making it quite cool.

Watching the waves and trying to decide if the enticement of the waves out weighed the cool air and chilly water.

Bern & I decided to brave the water temp. When we got wet it actually felt quite warm because the air was so cool.

Thanks to Ted & Laela I am finally in a catching the wave picture. Bern agreed to join me in the smaller waves for this photo op.

Our Dinner drinks tonight. We had a passion fruit drink with a Japanese liquor. Guess what Ted and Bern drank????

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  1. Keep the photos and stories coming. LOVE the drink shots, girls. Looks like you are having a wonderful time.
    Bern & Ted -- I'm sure Ron would be VERY interested in seeing more beer shots!!!
    - jill