Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 3 on Big Island

Where's Bernie?

We all thought that Bern's apparel was yelling for us to play where's Waldo in the colourful bougainvillea

The falls at our pool side with Laela's leis

We spent the day snorkeling and watching whales from the shore. We saw so many sea creatures but have no pictures to prove it as I don't have a water camera. I saw three sea turtles and hundred of colourful fish. I didn't see any nurse sharks which made me very happy.

This is a what the landscape looks like around our area, the Mauna Lani area. It is surrounded by black rocky earth that seems to be slowly breaking apart. It looks like a moon scape.

Notice how as you look at this photo you move from tufted grass to the black lava flow right to the ocean. This entire island was built by lava.

We drove to Kona and ate at the Kona Brewing company. We found it by accident, but what a great place to eat. We would recommend this to whoever gets to this island!

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