Friday, January 22, 2010

We made it to Thailand!

Hi all!
Well we made it. All flights were on time and the longest lines we stood in were at the Winnipeg airport. We left in plenty of time, so no worries. Our flight to Chicago was no problem We had a few hours to walk around in Chicago airport before bording a plane to Hong Kong. We nearly jumped for joy when we saw what our seats look like. They went perfectly flat! We walked on (we got air miles bussiness class) and there was enough room to sit between us and the next seat in front of us. Then they gave us some champagne and we new we had arrived. Spoiled rotten is what I say. We each had our own video/tv screen where we could play video games, watch TV programs, choose one of about 30 movies to view, listen to audio books that they had on their system... and the list goes on. Can you tell that we were excited?
We landed in Hong Kong at about 3:00 am our time, but it was about 5 pm their time. We ran to our next flight and got to Bangkok at 8:30 their time. In total we were in airports was over 26 hours. Oh my goodness.
We are now in our hotel, it's 9:30 pm and only some time in the morning where you guys are at. Have a good Friday, we have.


  1. Glad to know you have arrived. Sounds like a GREAT start. Hope you have a good sleep. We are starting to pack for our trip as well. Sounds like we might get a storm on the weekend. Have a great holiday. Tina

  2. Hi Mom, Have a great trip too! Enjoy the Pacific ocean. Hope you don't get storm stayed anywhere.