Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hi from Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand)

The Monks who are ever present in both Bangkok and Chaing Mia
The Pepto Bismal coloured taxis

All the cool rooflines in the temple with the Golden Buddha

The Golden Buddha
The flowers they sell to give as gifts to Budha to show respect

One of the lovely Temples in Bangkok
Hello from Lovely Thailand. Wow have we ever had a lot. We haven't posted from our last day in Bangkok, which was visiting Temples. We had the city tour, which endede up being a temple tour. Buddhism is central to the people in Thailand and so their cities are centered around their temples. I have learned more than I have ever known before about Buddhism and have come to understand some of their customs a little better. What a concept to be in a city that is 100's of year old. We flew to Chaing Mai two days ago and have had 2 days of tours which I will try to update you on in the next day or two. Tomorrow is cooking school and visiting a market.

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