Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chiang Mai elephants etc.

The end of the day was spent watching traditional northern Thai dancers and enjoying a northern Thai Dinner.
These tigers are about 18 months old. Their trainers play with them like Bri plays with Flora... it was fun to watch how excited they were to run after a little tuft of grass on a stick.

What a beautiful cat. Glad he was on the other side of the fence.

This elephant painted this with his trunk! Puts me to shame with his creativity!

The trainers playing soccer with the elephants. The elephants truly seemed to enjoy the sport and didn't want to leave the ring when the game was over.

Young elephants enjoying the water. There were people down stream catching their poo with nets to ensure the stream wouldn't get too dirty.

Butterfly and Orchid Farm

Hi all,
We are having a wonderful time. The temperature is about 30 degrees C., it's clear and beautiful. We have spent the last few days touring like crazy. I'll share the pictures. My favourite parts were the elephants. I loved the ride and watching them enjoy their lives. It seemed to me that they were very well loved and treated with huge respect.

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