Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tamarindo Estuary Tour

Howler Monkey
Our Estuary tour boat

red crab

We decided to show the girls what an estuary was like. We hired a local man to take us up the Tamarindo Estuary. We went close to low tide which ensured we would see some birds. The down fall is that many of the places were very shallow and with 6 of us on the boat plus the two guides we got hung up on some sand bars. This meant that either the guide got out and had to drag us over or, we had to reposition in order to get us over. Oh the excitement. We were lucky though, we saw all kinds of Herons (small blue and large blue), many white small herons, egrets, halks and other birds that I cannot remember the names of. We also got to see 2 american crocodiles. One was sunning itself, while the other was in the water. The fact that they were there made the guide in the water, dragging us along a little more exciting. We also saw thousands of different kinds of crabs. Ted got a great picture of the crabs that I will share with you. The highlight for me was the howler monkeys. We heard their haunting call and went to look for them. We got to see them crawling around the trees (at points we were less than 2 meters away from them). We also saw a porcupine.

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