Thursday, February 4, 2010

Similan Islands

Our boat.
These rocks were beatiful to snorkel around

the rock that Ted, Laela and Bern climbed to for a photo shot. I stayed below and looked under the sea.
Bern on top of the "rock". A hot climb up.

After lunch political discussion in the crystal clear

Photo op on the white sand.

A multitude of sail boats and other boats enjoying the vast underwater gardens.

Yesterday was a day of snorkelling at 5 different sites around the Similan Islands. These islands are about 65 km west of southern Thailand. We took a speed boat to the islands and saw more fish and choral than I have seen anywhere else. Ted and Laela state it's not quite as good as The Great Barrier Reef near Australia, but a definite 2nd place. For Bern and I it was definitely some of our best snorkelling. The clarity of the water allowed you to see for meters under water. We saw a sea turtle wending it's way accross the underwater garden. Then we saw so many fish that it felt like we were in an underwater aquariam. Unfortunately we didn't bring an underwater camera, so all my posts will be above water. Ingrid, I know it was your birthday and I know you would have loved to be here enjoying the snorkelling. Happy belated birthday!

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  1. Wow Heather, Your photos are simply beautiful! I can't wait to see the scrapbook album you make for you trip :)